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Achieve Hormonal Balance 
Once for all...

Stress resilience, freedom from anxiety,

radiant skin, weight management,

pain free periods , boundless energy & vitality.

Leaves Shadows

Meet the Founder

Meet Margaret Misiak, the founder of HB Wellness, revolutionizing women's health with personalized approaches and advanced diagnostics to conquer hormonal imbalances and embrace vitality.


A Life Changing approach
to regain your VITALITY & GLOW

MINERALS are the spark plugs of Life!



Minerals are the foundation of our health.

Minerals influence your body on a cellular level and affect all bodily functions including hormone balance, metabolism, inflammation, detox pathways and skin.


This may appear as symptoms of:

weight-loss resistance






​and more...

Discover a  PROVEN data driven 


At HB Wellness we use this data driven approach to build a strong foundation, eliminate and erase debilitating symptoms, regain energy, vitality and bring you back to life!

Test don’t Guess

Experience stress resilience, freedom from anxiety, radiant skin, weight management, pain free periods, boundless energy & vitality.

It all starts from within.
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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)


HTMA is an innovative, non-invasive, test to examine the mineral content of your hair. Through this data we are provided with crucial insights to how the body is functioning and reveal underlying imbalances that could be at the root of your health issues.

Ready to get Started

Ready to kickstart your journey to better health and wellness? Schedule a 'New Beginnings' consultation with HB Wellness, where we will dive deep into your health goals and concerns to determine the right strategy for you. Let's work together to create a personalized plan that will help you achieve your nutritional goals and live a healthier lifestyle.

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