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My Seven Non-Negotiables to Living A Fulfilling Life

Updated: Feb 20

Margaret Misiak eating an apple

Life can take us for a ride sometimes.  A smooth exhilarating ride and sometimes not such a smooth one… But it builds us, builds character, resilience and usually teaches us what really matters.  Life can also be magical, full of joy and incredibly fulfilling, giving us those awe moments in which our smiles can light up the world.  It is up to us to make the most of this incredible gift of life we are given.  Here are a few things I live by to do just that.

1. Faith

hands creating a heart

First and foremost is faith. Whether you believe there is a higher power or not you can not deny that there is an intelligence far greater than us giving us life. 

  • Our hearts pump over 100 gallons of blood per hour, over 100 thousand times per day.

  • There are over 50 trillion cells that make up our body; Each of these cells performs millions of functions per second.

  • We make little humans!!

It is undeniable that we are miracles in ourselves. 

If we open our hearts to this thought and know that we are always being supported by

something greater than us, life opens up with endless possibilities. If we truly have faith, are

GRATEFUL and lead with good intention there is a power beyond us that will assist us to a life

in health and happiness beyond.

2. Health

We are born with a body that does so much for us every second of every day.  It is a machine worth more than any luxury car or home in the world.  Take good care of it. 

Our body is home to a pharmacy of chemicals that are more powerful than any drug out there (now I am not denying that there are times when we need pharmaceuticals- there is a time and place for everything)

If you are dealing with any health concerns, be that physical, chemical, or emotional, seek professional help and restore your body back to balance. Illness is a way of our bodies communicating with us.  Find someone you can trust and work with them to take care of your physical, emotional, or chemical health.

When your mind & body are in balance you will be unstoppable. You become resilient like nothing else, not much in the outside world can touch you.

3. Purpose

Definiteness of purpose (clear intention) closes one's mind tightly against any distractions from goals and building our dream life.

buddha purpose and faith

Vision - what keeps the fire going?

What do you want in life?

What energizes you? 

What lights you up? 

If you can write your story, what would that look like? 

Having a clear purpose keeps our minds away from thoughts that do not benefit us and take us off our path.  Having a clear vision for what you want in life is so important.  Our minds are VERY POWERFUL… use yours wisely! When you have a clear vision, definite aim and plan you can accomplish ANYTHING!

4. Goals

An Ivy League University in the United States did a 20-year study involving one graduating class.  Three percent of the class had clear written goals at the start of the study.  After the 20 years that 3 percent was worth more financially than the rest of the 97 percent combined and had more satisfaction and joy in life.

Make a list of your goals.  Prioritize what’s important to you and see if your goals align with that.

Goals do not have to be big and overwhelming they can also be simple.  As long as they align with your purpose and lead you in that direction.

5. Plan/Action

This is all about enjoying the journey.  Living in the NOW and not just waiting to be fulfilled once you get to your destination.  We only ever have the present moment in life and as much as it’s nice to look forward to certain things, the journey there is just as important.  Do the best you can every day even with little steps and do not stress about the how.  If you show up for yourself you will get to where you’re supposed to be. Plan and Action followed by trust and surrender.

6. Stay in your lane

There is only ONE of you; there is no one else in the whole world

like you. Compare yourself ONLY to yourself from yesterday. Love yourself

unapologetically, the good the bad all of it. When you are your true authentic self

everything for you will find you. Do not give energy to things outside of your control.

You cannot lose or miss out on anything that is meant for you. Instead of comparing,

stressing or worrying, use your precious energy to create the life of your dreams.

7. Relationships

Lead with love- Towards yourself and others.

Leave a little bit of love with everyone and everywhere you go.

Look for the good in people and you will receive the good.

Let go, forgive. “Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing” (Luke 23:34)

Never regret the love you give.

We are all here on the same earth doing our best.  No one is perfect and we all learn how to do life at our own pace! Spread LOVE!  BE KIND!

And don’t take everything so seriously, laugh a little;)

Start Living a Fulfilling Life Today!

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